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Teach me about climbing with sticks?

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Ok, so I got a Novix Echo.

Now I'm stick shopping.

There are places where I will be hunting that the trees look like a "telephone pole farm." Meaning, tall, bare(ish) trunks. I could lug my Summit climber in to those spots, I guess. That'd handle any height at which I care to sit.

For the Echo and sticks, I feel like I would be happy with a stick setup that I can use to get at least 15', with 18' being my ideal.

I've never used sticks, let alone an aider/swaider/etc.

Just looking for some ideas on what might do the job well for me... and how to use it to best effect.

I like the Tethrd Skeletor stick, but am open to ideas. I'd prefer to stay in the price range of the Skeletor if possible.

So...questions are:

-What's a decent mid-priced stick?


-How can I use that stick as safely as possible to reach to 15+ feet?

I do not want to set my stand higher than my top stick. I've seen youtube videos of guys doing that, and if it works for them, cool. I would prefer not to do that.
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"On top of that the added risks of a climbing stick kicking out and the transfer to the stand from the stick and back in the dark with heavy clothing and big boots on. Using sticks in the dark, especially climbing down in the dark is another risk."
I will admit I never tried it, but this paragraph is one of my main concerns in trying.. Sure seems like a lot of work. I personally couldnt imagine setting up and tearing down for every hunt..
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