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Hi all.

I have non-hunter friends who live in Edmonton Alberta, ca. I'm wondering if I could do an archery hunt up there some day. He is a bee-keeper and has problems with bears at times as well. He also said there are lots of deer around his place although he said they don't seem all that big to him.

I tried using Google, but got nothing but guide web sites - and there seem to be tons of them up there, but that is way beyond my price budget for a hunting trip. One said there was a $400 fee for lic. plus there multi-thousand dollar guide fee.

Are there any locals who can educate me about the regulations for non-resident bowhunting up there? I also need to find out the cost for license and/or tags required. Can I buy a tag over the counter? I seem to remember you can just shoot one deer per year in Sask. Is it the same for Alberta?



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From 2009 Alberta Hunting Regulations

Non-resident (Canadian) and Non-resident Alien hunters of big game, wolf and coyote must be accompanied by a licensed guide or a Hunter Host. Each of these hunters has two options:

1. he or she may contract the holder of a valid Big Game Outfitter-guide Permit, be guided by a Big Game Designated Guide, and hunt under the authority of a licence allocated to an outfitter-guide (for information on outfitter-guides, contact the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society at, OR
2. he or she may be hosted by a Hunter Host (see below) - usually a relative or friend - and hunt according to the following restrictions and conditions:
* Non-resident Aliens may hunt with a Hunter Host only if they have not done so in the previous two (2) fiscal years (April 1 - March 31).
* Non-residents (Canadian) and Non-resident Aliens are limited to certain licences as indicated in the Licence Availability section (click here for details).
* Non-resident Aliens hosted by Hunter Hosts may hunt big game only during seasons that do not require one of the special licences, obtained through a draw, indicated by a in the Big Games Seasons (WMUs) section or listed under Additional Special Licence Draw Hunts.
* A Non-resident Alien and his or her intended Hunter Host must apply at a Fish and Wildlife Division office for their licences and make a statutory declaration that he or she understands the terms and conditions of the licences (Scroll down to view Hunter Host Licence).
* A Non-resident Alien must not hunt bighorn sheep, cougar or trophy antelope while accompanied by a Hunter Host.
* Further Restrictions for Non-resident Aliens Who are Not Relatives of the Hunter Host or the Hunter Host's Spouse
o Relatives are defined as father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, grandfather, grandson, son-in-law, brother-in-law (and female equivalents) of the Hunter Host or spouse of the Hunter Host.
o The Non-resident Alien and intended Hunter Host, if not related, must initiate an application at a Fish and Wildlife Division office for their licences, described above, by August 31 of the licence year, or by the following February 26 for the spring black bear hunt.
o The Non-resident Alien may apply to hunt only two (2) species of big game.

A Hunter Host

* Must be an adult resident, and be eligible to hold recreational hunting licences.
* Must be the holder of a valid WIN and Hunter Host Licence (below).
* may not provide services for gain or reward, or accept remuneration, directly or indirectly, for such services.
* may host a maximum of two (2) hunters/year, either Non-residents (Canadian), Non-resident Aliens or a combination thereof. If hosting 2 Non-resident Aliens, at least 1 must be a relative.
* may host Non-resident Aliens only if the host has not hosted a Non-resident Alien in the previous two (2) fiscal years (April 1 to March 31).
* must report to the Fish and Wildlife Division by December 31 in the year of harvest, all hunting activities by the Non-resident Aliens he or she hosted.
* must accompany the hunter(s) named on his or her Hunter Host Licence while they are hunting big game under the authority of the Hunter Host Licence.

Hunter Host Licence
A resident who wishes to be a Hunter Host may purchase a Hunter Host Licence at any private licence issuer. You must have the WIN(s) of the non-resident(s) at the time of purchase. You must ensure that the hunters you host are named on your Hunter Host Licence. If you purchase your Hunter Host licence naming one hunter and you decide to add a second hunter to your licence at a later date, you can do so at no additional charge. Return to a private licence issuer with your licence and have it amended. Once you have purchased your Hunter Host Licence, the hunters may purchase their licences.

A Hunter Host who plans to take a non-resident alien hunting must do the following:

1. Go to a Fish and Wildlife Division office and initiate an application (including statutory declaration). Sign it and have your signature sworn. If your Non-resident Alien is not a relative, you must start this process by August 31 or February 26 as described above.
2. Have the Non-resident Alien sign the application and have his or her signature sworn. (If the Non-resident Alien does not have a WIN, have him or her fill out a WIN application at the same time.)
3. Take the completed application to a Fish and Wildlife Division office. The application will be reviewed for final approval and keyed into the automated licensing system.
4. When you are notified that your application is approved, go to any private licence issuer and purchase your Hunter Host Licence (see above) and the appropriate Wildlife Certificate and licences.
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