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Team #4................

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Where ya at? Where ya from and what's our name? :D
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Checking in

Greetings! Another Michigan player here. The name of the game here is shoot your (if you can) does and the bucks will take care of themselves. "Back Strap Fever"! With 90 degree plus temps it is hard to think about OCT. 1 but the blood is starting to boil. Looks like I'll need to change the AVATAR....DAN
Team Names

Just brainstorming......more like a dizzle!

Kill it and Grill it!
The Mainbeam 15
Rack Happy

I don't know the other MI team member or where they are hunting. Does will not be an issue and we let a ton of small bucks go last year. I missed a P&Y candidate opening day last year but I won't count on him being stupid two years in a row. Unless it is a "cull" buck it has to be 8 or better no QDM arguments it's just what we agreed upon. Stay out of the smack until the game is on!!!!!!
Works for me!

Rack Attack it is!!!!
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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