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Team #4................

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Where ya at? Where ya from and what's our name? :D
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Checking in here from WI, I don't really care what the teams name is, just as long as we end this contest with the most points.:wink:
Here's a picture of a decent buck by me, I have seen some a lot bigger that I will be holding out for right away but if the season is running down and this guy shows his face you might see an after picture,:wink: I will show you guys if I get anything bigger on camera. Lets see some pictures from you guys now.


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Good enough, do we have to send our name to Whitefeather now?
What do you guys think about starting a new thread here with our team name now, since we arent team #4 anymore, we are RACK ATTACK.
1 - 4 of 50 Posts
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