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Team #4................

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Where ya at? Where ya from and what's our name? :D
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howdy fellas. im steve. i live in texas. i hunt in texas, illinois, ohio, and louisiana. i hunt other states also but mostly in pike county illinois. i have a place to go in south texas also. i am also making one trip to mexico for a huge ranch down there.

i will have to think on team name. i hope i can contribute. be interesting and fun to get to know some of yall. anybody close to houston tx, pittsfield or springfield illinois, or wellington ohio? would love to meet or hunt with any of yall. good luck this season

how bout 15pt crew. since there are 15 to a team.
or team blood trail
or p & y pursuit

whatever. its all for fun.
a name just popped in my head that i thought was pretty cool.

arch rivals or arch nemesis or something like that.

i know that is way unimportant but i thought it was kinda cool anyway.

our team is looking pretty stacked so far for the guys that have signed in but where is the rest of team 4????????????
got bored and was curious

454casull- Michigan

IdahoBowHunter- Idaho....duh

wideerguy9- Wisconsin

Whispers Death- Missouri

sgrem- Illinois, Texas, Ohio

huntforfoodeer- South Dakota

nthewild- Kentucky

Meleagris1- New York, Massachusetts

Rabbit- Georgia

Weim- Canada-Sudbury

BBBUCKHORN- North Carolina

PABowhunt4life- Pennsylvania

Ack- Michigan

Hemingway- Oklahoma

hoytshooter09- South Dakota

2 from michigan, 2 from south dakota. you guys know each other or live near each other??
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Weim said:
Ok here are a few names I got. Some or good and others not that good but I'll toss them out there.

1-Team Smack Down
2-Team Grip it N Rip it
3-Team RUT
4-Team R.I.P.
5-The Grim Reapers
6-Team Slayer

That's all I got for know I guess.

Any other suggestions?
or grem reapers. i like that
last year i drew back on 5 in the 120 range, 2 in the 135 range, 1 in the 145 range and finally shot the 157 in my avator. i usually hold out for a 150 or bigger. we have seen many huge ones especially the one big boy over there. he is 185-200. a brute. of course we are hunting for him but he is an old warrior.
how bout AT Annihilators. or AT Assassins.

rack attack is very cool. where are you guys hunting in pike. i am just over the illinois river near pitsfield or quincy. there is a green draw bridge and i am near there. there is a bar called ed and woody's there. anybody near me. here is me and my first turkey. 27 lbs. biggest i have ever seen.


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rack attack it is. go with that. that would be great to have a team avator. what do you guys do for a livin. would like to get to know some of yall although limited. my job is my website in my signature. we manufacture heavy ranch style truck equipment. and tripods and stands and heavy duty trailers and anything else we can make out of steel. i have owned this company for about 3 years. it allows me to hunt all i want so yes i love my job! rack attack is going to have an awesome season. good luck boys.
nothing from whispers death yet. anyone know him. ill pm him. hope we dont need a sub.
wideerguy9 said:
What do you guys think about starting a new thread here with our team name now, since we arent team #4 anymore, we are RACK ATTACK.
i say go for it with a title like: RACK ATTACK winning thread.
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