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Team 6 Check in

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Hey fellas. I am from Georgia. First year in the contest, so someone will have to explain the rules. I hunt year round with a bow, but the deer are small here.
Glad to with team 6!
that is 750 pnts if everyone gets a doe! What score won last year? Anyone needing to do some doe hunting let me know, going to Clark hill for a week for the opener, should be plenty of does there.
where I hunt a good , good buck is anything over 100. That is what I am aiming for. do what I can.
If everyone drops a doe and a 7 pnt point or better buck of any size you win. Ya'll guys out in the midwest fill your tags and there still good bucks running a foot, I will take up the slack there. just call!
My name is Chris Powers, 40 years old. Lived and hunted in Georgia all my life.
I have bowhunted for the last 26 years. I switched to bow only a few years ago and really learned a lot about deer. Here to a 100 pnt deer goes on the wall. I got my first 104 with a bow two years ago and it is on the wall. That is huge for me. I only hunt public land, but seeing deer has become easy now. Have had 5 brain surgeries and one went bad last Sept, so now I am disabled and trying to stretch my hunting years out as far as possible. I have hunted alone most of my life. Last year I started hunting some with Bucknasty here on AT for safety reasons. He makes real good strings if anyone needs one.
Team 6- We need to contact everyone, and make some time limit on them checking in. If they don't check in by 2-3 weeks probably not going to particapate. We could let one of the hunters on the waiting list get in. What do ya'll think?
1 - 8 of 60 Posts
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