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Team 6 Check in

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Hello everybody. You can pretty much mark down my doe points, usually fill all three doe tags I get. Deerman what part of Iowa you from? I'm from Independence up in NE area. Anyone have any suggestions for a team name. I can't wait for the season to open. I have the first three weeks of November off.
I like the other suggestions and would like to add:

Team Stick it 2 Em'
Team Meat Wagon
I like
1. Booners B-Ware
2. Stick It 2 Em'

I will likely be away from the comp all weekend. Feel free to decide on a final name without me. We should also decide on a captian. I have no preference for who that is. Going to a 3-d shoot tomorrow to help slow my itch or worsen it. Have a nice weekend. Hopefully the rest of our team will check in soon, we should put a deadline on them.
My name is Corey Hanaway. I am 29 and am from Independence, Iowa. I have been bowhunting for 15 years. I hunt a mix of private and public ground. I have a few large bucks spotted that look like they would do. Haven't seen much lately do to the heat and vast amounts of corn around my spots this year. Can't wait for the season to open. I am going to South Dakota the first week of September to try and stick an antelope. I have never been out of state with the bow. It is a DIY with a couple buddies, it should be a blast. I also vote for Kolin as captain.
Deadline sounds good to me. Gives them plenty of time to remember they signed up and need to check in.
Nice pics Kolin. It would nice to get any of those. Where are you going elk hunting at?
Nice pics. Having never elk hunted I would have shot him. Elk hunting is on my to do list. My wife's uncle has a buddy in Arizona who is big into elk hunting and will set up a hunt for me down there with his buddy if I want. Just would have to worry about trying to draw a tag. I am thinking of going to Montana or Wyoming for my first elk hunt. Sounds like it would be a lot different than sitting in a tree in Iowa and waiting for them to stroll by.
1 - 7 of 60 Posts
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