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Team 6 Check in

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Booners Beware gets my vote, too.

I'm Kevin Chapman. 40 years old. Live in IL, and been bowhunting for 20 years. Don't get all excited about me being from IL... I live in the central/east-central part of the state with much less cover than the famous Golden Triangle. We DON'T have a P&Y behind every tree in my area!!! Nonetheless, the big boys are here, just harder to find (a good friend of mine shot a 200" net typical back in 1993 about 10 miles from me... so I know anything's possible). I just bought a new Allegiance this year, and I'm anxious to break it in... and would also like to get my first trad kill this year. Been shooting a Black Widow recurve for a few years, but haven't been able to spare enough time to hunt much with it. I got two weeks of vacation saved up for the first part of November... and I can't wait!!!!! I just stepped down from serving as the president of our state's bowhunting organization, so hopefully I've have more time to hunt this year than the past 4 years!!!!

Good luck to you all this season!!!
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Anyone able to work up an avatar for us????????
DartonHunter101 said:
Team 6- We need to contact everyone, and make some time limit on them checking in. If they don't check in by 2-3 weeks probably not going to particapate. We could let one of the hunters on the waiting list get in. What do ya'll think?

I have to agree here, we heed to set up some time limit for checking in. Do you guys think that if the rest of our team has not checked in by Sunday, August 20th at 11:59 pm, they should be replaced by others that are on a waiting list?

As far as me being "team captain", I would be honored. I will need a replacement though for the 3 weeks I'm out west elk hunting. Will be gone from Sept 2nd- 20th, so if someone would do whatever respondsibilities that come along with the captain title, I;d appreciate it very much.

What do you guys think about the checkin deadline?
Deadline sounds good to me. Gives them plenty of time to remember they signed up and need to check in.
Deerman1 said:
I have to agree here, we heed to set up some time limit for checking in. Do you guys think that if the rest of our team has not checked in by Sunday, August 20th at 11:59 pm, they should be replaced by others that are on a waiting list?

As far as me being "team captain", I would be honored. I will need a replacement though for the 3 weeks I'm out west elk hunting. Will be gone from Sept 2nd- 20th, so if someone would do whatever respondsibilities that come along with the captain title, I;d appreciate it very much.

What do you guys think about the checkin deadline?

I agree that we need some kind of check-in deadline. At this point, only three team members have yet to check-in.

goat 834

I will send each a PM today so they are aware that they need to go to the "league" forum and respond to this thread. Concerning how much time to give them until responding, I would think the 20th would be more than enough time.

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Thanks for doing the PM'ing. I hope all of our originals can make it before the deadline. Otherwise we will have to find a few replacements from the waiting list. Did you guys notice that there may become another couple teams, check out the thread under league play. I hope that there still are a few on the waiting list by the time we would need them.

When does everyones seasons start? Mine doesn't get going until Oct 1st. I should have us 50 points opening morning as I have to shoot a doe to get the buck tag I earned last year by shooting 6 does out of a State park / city land up by me. I actually have 3 buck tags for archery season this year in Iowa. I have my statewide paid license, the license for inside Pikes Peak state park, and another tag for inside city limits. I will have the season of my life if I can put down 3 bucks for the wall this year. Good luck to all!!!!!

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I guess we are team 6---- Booners B-Ware

I'll post another thread stating our name, so another team doesn't steal it just to spite us. We will win this thing if we all give it an honest try, and most importantly.....EACH KILL A DOE. That is 750 points, then all we have to do is EACH kill any buck(a spike or larger scores 50 points) which would bring our total to 1500 points, more than last years winners. Obviously some of us will kill larger deer, which will only raise our score that much more. Let have fun, and make sure we kick some butt!:darkbeer: :darkbeer: :darkbeer:

For simplicity sake, lets keep this thread as the one we are responding to. Easier to keep up with one versus keeping up to multiple threads.

Just some motivation to get your appitites whetted. I hope you guys can all crack one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nice pics Kolin. It would nice to get any of those. Where are you going elk hunting at?
SW CO. just across the mountain from NM

I head to SW Colorado every Sept. If you cross over the top of the mountain, you are in NM. We have the overall lease on about 2000 acres for the entire bow season. The 2000 we lease adjoins about 800 acres of BLM ground that is landlocked by private. On the other side of the BLM, is another ranch that is about 4500 acres if momory serves me correctly. We divide the season into three, 10 day hunts. This season has 3 hunters per season. We all have a ton of shot opportunities, last year we went 100% on getting a shot. Only a handful of us brought home a elk. I hunted my butt off last year, passed a bunch of bulls and cows(I saw a giant on day 3, and was going for him)

Last evening we were there, I had him, a 360 class 6x6 or 6x7 at about 30 yards in the heavy brush. He had a very distinctive bugle that I could tell from anywhere. He had his herd of cows in an old logging slash that had grown up really thick. I could see bits and pieces of him, and every once in awhile he would let out a scream that would give a guy goosebumbs. I had stalked through an entire herd of cows figuring I had nothing to lose this late in the hunt, and was in range, just needed him to give me any kind of decent shot. He began to gather up his herd of cows, and head the other direction, so I threw out all I had. I got out my bugle and screamed the biggest, baddest bugle I could muster right in his face from about 30 yards away. I raked a tree with a branch and caused a big commotion. He either was not a fighter, or just didnt care about the herd of cows this early in the season (sept 6th). He just walked the other way, and went totally silent, never to be seen again. I was SO frustrated that about a 1/2 hour later, still in the same spot, a satelite bull came into 4 yards and got shot. Not a big bull like the man I was after, but better than heading home with a $500 piece of paper in my pocket.
No one shot any bulls this big during the rifle season there, and the other ranch had no hunters, so I think he is still alive. That is the reason we are heading out later this year, to get them b4 they have huge herds of cows, but when they are trying to gather them. If I hear that bugle this year, GAME ON BABY!!

My digital camera got messed up and erased all of the pictures of my bull, but here are a few pictures I managed to recover of the rest of the group. I have more if you want to see them


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Nice pics. Having never elk hunted I would have shot him. Elk hunting is on my to do list. My wife's uncle has a buddy in Arizona who is big into elk hunting and will set up a hunt for me down there with his buddy if I want. Just would have to worry about trying to draw a tag. I am thinking of going to Montana or Wyoming for my first elk hunt. Sounds like it would be a lot different than sitting in a tree in Iowa and waiting for them to stroll by.
Hey Fella's!

TexasGuy reporting for duty! :wink:

A quick bio:

My name is Richard Broker.....46 years old, killed my first deer with a bow (a doe) at age 17.....have exclusively bowhunted since then....hunt in north central Texas.....have killed a few P&Y bucks and a P&Y black the usual turkey, hogs and javelina.....shot recurves until 6 years ago, now shoot compound with fingers/sights.....

Have 450-acre, LOW-FENCE lease that my oldest son and fiance' hunt on, most of you guys, I can guarantee a doe and some size of buck this year....I don't normally shoot any bucks under 125".....some years fill my buck-tag, some years don't, but if it comes down to crunch-time, I'd be willing to take one slightly smaller if necessary to rack-up some antler-points! :wink:

Glad to be with you guys! :darkbeer:
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Hey Deerman1, awesome pics. I am so jealous of all you folks that get to hunt elk. It is definitely on my list of things to do. I really want to chase them with the bow.

I checked in the other night but didn't get the chance to give a bio.

Real name is Tim Doyle, 31 yrs old and currently live way in upstate NY (north of Saratoga Springs if anyone wants to check it out on mapquest). I say way because anyone not from NY seems to have a vision that NY means big city. But I live about 3.5 hours from NYC. I grew up on a farm in western PA, which I still like to think of as 'home'. My parents still own the farm, and my Grandma owns a nice piece of ground about 20 minutes from there. This is where I like to do the majority of my hunting despite the long drive from here. I currently hunt in a 4 points (on a side) area with PA's antler restrictions. I have seen A LOT of quality bucks over the past few years there, but just haven't been able to close the deal. I've also passed on quite a few 'legal' but only 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 yr old bucks over the past couple years. Hopefully, this year it will pay off.

I've been hunting since I was 12 yrs old, but I started tagging along with my Dad when I was 7, which I think is why I truly love hunting so much still today. He loved taking me, and I loved every second of being in the woods with him even though I couldn't carry a gun until I was 12.

This is my first Archery Talk contest and I'm excited to get it started!!! My season in NY Northern zone gets started Sept 27. Hopefully I can take down a doe early season. Good to meet you guys. Good luck this season.

BTW, are we gonna keep this thread going as our own little BOONERS B-WARE chat area? You know, somewhere that we can check in with team-mates. Just wondering.

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Team 6 in '06....

.....must be our destiny.

Good to have you aboard also. I like the team 6 in 06 idea. Now we just have to make sure that our "destiny" comes true. :darkbeer:
I'm in I'm in I'm in!!! Sorry guys hopefully its not to late.:cry:
SCBOWMAN here, been out of town on business. I am still in and should not have to be traveling anymore.
Welcome SCBOWMAN!! Glad you could make it!!:darkbeer:

How's deer hunting in your neck of the woods? Season start early there?

Sorry it took me so long to check in guys. Hope Im not too late. I ve been out of town on business and didnt have any internet access.
Our season gets started here on Sept.15. and runs through Jan. 1st. I bow hunt the entire season and have done so for around 10 years now. We have tons of deer here in SC but due to some poor DNR laws, we have very few nice bucks. To see a 3 to 4 year old buck here is very rare. Most hunters will shoot anything thats brown. That being said, I was able to score on a nice 8pt last year and hopefully can get one a little better this year. I dont consider myself a trophy hunter but I will not take a buck unless it is better than the ones I have already taken. I also will not take a doe with fawns. Ive did that once or twice before and swore to myself I would never do it again.
All that being said Im very positive I can contribute a fat mature doe and hopefully a nice mature buck as well.
Good luck to everyone on Team 6!!!!
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SCBowman, glad to have you aboard!!!
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