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tech questions?

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Coupla questions for you tech.dudes? Putting a new string on a 2001 magna tech versa caM(1 CAM)....bow is about 1/4" over axle to axle per spec.and 3/32"tighter in the tiller on the lower limb with both bolts out 1 turn,is that anything to be concerned with?DO YOU MEASURE AXLE TO AXLE FROM INSIDE OR CENTER TO CENTER? What is the real low down on Dartons cam system (now Hoyts?)Is it a 1 cAM or not? If you are going to believe in independent tests,the cps system is about the most consistent system in terms of velocity and there are lots of bow manufacturers who interpret IBO velocities like a left wing democrat. 0 nock travel? who really achieves this? Is it just me or the really radical parallel limb pro tech feel too top heavy?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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