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I need writers to write some technical tutorials for me.
***IF YOU ARE SPONSORED IN ANY WAY BY ANY COMPANY YOU MUST REVEAL THIS INFO*** We do not want hack articles pushing a particular line of products.

I pay the Writer's Guild standard of $0.10 a word so a 500 word article will net you $50 bucks.

I want to keep the articles at 500 words..anything more will lose readers these days. Pictures and drawings are highly recommended. (make sure you have permission for use of the picture). Plagiarism is not tolerated. Articles will be scanned for plagiarism using a special program. *must be original*

You must be OK with me editing for grammar and style with your final approval of course. You will be credited with the work in any published setting which could be online or magazines/newspapers.

Articles will be for beginners and for those seeking more information for target shooting and hunting.

Suggested articles:

Aluminum Arrows 101
Carbon Arrows 101
Inserts 101: the how-tos, what-fors, sizes and techniques
Arrow Anatomy 101
Vanes and Feathers 101
Arrow target Tips 101: sorting through the masses
Arrow Target Tips 201: Special Topics
Broadheads 101
Youth Bows 101: How to choose the right bow for your child
Youth Archery: getting your child into archery
Low Weight Shooters 101: Choosing a Bow
Low Weight Shooters 201: Set up and get shooting
Low Weight Shooters 301: Shooting better groups
Arrow selection: HUNTERS 201
Arrow selection: 3-D target shooting 202
Arrow Selection: Indoor Target 203
Arrow Selection: Low-Weight Bows 204
Bow Strings: History and Future. Everything you ever wanted to know 101
Bow Cables and Strings: How to inspect your setup and when to change 201
Bow Tuning basics 301
Intermediate Bow Tuning 302
Advanced Bow Tuning 401
Bow Tuning Special Topics 402
Targeting Shooting 101: What's it all about anyway?
Target Shooting 401: Mental preparation for the shoot
Compound Bows 101: What is a compound bow?
Compound Bows 201: Is speed really that important?
Compound Bows 102: History and future
Compound Bows 103: Cams and Modules explained
Form 101: the basics of good shooting form
Form 201: Advanced topics on shooting form
Archery: How to get to the Olympics
NASP: What is NASP?
Bow Maintenance 101
Bow Maintenance 201
Fletching 101
Fletching 201

Plus many other topics you may suggest.

Please submit your articles for approval. Email me with your intent to write on one of the subjects so we do not have overlap. Submission of an article does not guarantee publishing or payment. If your article is approved, you will be paid. Unapproved articles will be destroyed and will never be released or shared with anyone.

Payment will be by Paypal or mailed check.


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I don't see you listed as an Archery Talk sponsor on their list of sponsors. What does your company do? I am a professional writer and also have written for archery periodicals in the past. I could do most of the subjects you have listed, but I would restrict my work from publication in any magazine or other media beyond your own. I am also a professional archer with a number of sponsors - that is not a problem for me however. My professional writing is unbiased.

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I would be all over this- except for the 500 word limit- anyone who remembers my "long boring bow reports" can attest to that :embara:

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I have written white papers and technical articles for both archery related companies and information tech businesses. I have been published in both print and web media. I am currently a sponsored shooter as well.

I'd like to find out more about the target audience first - is this for web/print and who do you represent?

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more info

I represent myself and our business.
We are a retailer and I am just putting together educational materials all in one place.

If the articles are good, I will submit them to magazines (unless the writer does not wish this).

The only problem I have with Sponsored writers is there is a tendency to tow the company line, so to speak. I want unbiased articles and if you are sponsored, it is almost impossible to be that way even if you think you are.

If the article is in a completely different line than your sponsor company, then that is fine. (for example, you write about arrows and you are a sponsored by a bow company that does not make arrows).

As far as specific product reviews, we will get into that later! So hang on. We will probably pay *per review* at that level.

(AT sponsorship expired I guess. I am filling out the paper now to renew)
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