Hi folks,
First is a Tenpoint Havoc RS440. Evo X Marksman Elite scope. Also includes 4 light arrows and a Tenpoint soft case. Full disclosure as the Bow was sent back to Tenpoint and had the front end replaced due to hitting a limb on a tree. It did not break the limb, but I didn't want to chance it. It was basically new when returned by Tenpoint. Xbow is in excellent condition.

Next up,
Tenpoint Vapor RS470 I just picked this up a month or so back. Selling because I want to stick with a smaller footprint bow. It was used in Oct. and Nov. and only has a handful of shots to sight it in. This is truly an as new Xbow. Also comes with Evo X Marksman Elite scope and 3 arrows. Comes with a Titan soft case.