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Description: Hi, First I'm new to the forum and new to crossbows. This is my first crossbow and after about a week of reading about 2 crossbows I really liked I went with the Tenpoint venom because of all the reviews on their customer service and the quality of their bows. If I was going to spend the money I wanted something that I feel would last and perform well. All I can say about this bow is WOW I'm glad I chose it. I don't usually do any reviews but I was so impressed by this bow and the fact that there aren't really a lot of reviews on the Venom so if I can help someone else that's great.

Had it all put together at the bow shop where I purchased it.Also had them install the Tenpoint string dampening system. Glad they put it all together for me but it didn't look too hard and it didn't take them long. Went to my nephews to shoot at his deer target and let me say wow again, right out of the box I took 2 shots at 20 yards and it was dead on, I almost robin-hooded my other arrow. I stepped back to 40 yards like they say and it shot about 4" high so I dialed the scope up like it says to 380 and it was dead on at 40 yards. Did not aim at the same spot this time, took another shot at 40 yards again right on. We went to pull the arrows out and let me tell you the penetration was awesome. My arrows went threw the target up to the vanes. He was shooting next to me with his bow and his arrows only went in about 5", grant you he was only shooting a 65lb compound, we just both never seen an arrow go in so deep. He took a small leaf and stuck the stem into one of the holes in the target so it would hang. I went back and ranged it at 46 yards and put an arrow dead center of the leaf. That was enough for me a locked the scope in that position and was done sighting it in. Took about another 10 shots with pin point accuracy. Very impressed with this bow!

The bow to me is light only about 6.5 lbs but like I said this is my first crossbow so I don't have anything to compare it too, My brother in-law has an older model Tenpoint that he swears by that's the only other crossbow i lifted and its a lot lighter.

The scope is top of the line and very easy to set, never touched any other setting except for the bow speed setting.
The lights are bright and have different setting for brightness and 2 colors. The dots and lines are crystal clear and easy to see.

The option to mount your arrows on the side is awesome. Walking threw the woods should be a lot easier.

Mine came with the acudraw, I didn't really want it at first, I was looking for the acudraw 50 but they had none in stock with it and I didn't want to wait for one lol. Again glad I didn't wait, the acudraw is easy and awesome. Works very smooth and you get a perfect set every time. The only time it will slow you down a little is when you practice but I'm never in a rush between shots anyway and it will save your back after about 10 shots. It's a little loud with the click but not a problem I will load it at the truck before I go in the woods and with tenpoints anti dry fire its really safe.

Noise is not that bad its a littler louder then I'm use to but I was shooting the Mathews Drenalin so you cant compare a crossbow to a compound. It will never be that quiet but standing next to me i asked my nephew how loud it was to him. He said it was a little loud but to be honest by the time he heard the noise my arrow already hit the target. The bow is super fast.

I also purchased the lighted omni nocs and had them installed. FYI.. I had to go back because when they glued them in they never lined them up with the vanes. If you install these yourself make sure when you glue the insert you use the tool they give you to line it up, then no matter how you insert the light its always alined.

Not sure yet on the broad heads I'm going to shoot out of this yet still trying to figure out what will work best with this bow and a crossbow in general, kind of leaning too the Rage Crossbow X Broadheads. Any help on this would be great.Bottom line on this bow, yes its expensive but so far to me worth every penny. Looking forward to shooting it again. Love my Mathews Drenalin but just don't have the time needed to practice that an animal deserves. Sorry this was so long but if I can help answer any question about this bow that you may have please ask.

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