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Below is a pic of my first crossbow deer. I know, it's only a spike, but my freezer is empty and I have waited since last December to see how these xbows perform. This guy usually ran with a doe and a 140-150 class 8 pt. They came in behind me, not normal, and were not in feeding mode but rather I need to be somewhere mode. I glassed for the 8 pt., without a trace. I picked up my range finder to verify distance as he strolled along, 41 yds. I grabbed the Terminator, turned on my chair, placed crosshair on him and released. He went down immediately, legs straight out. As he fell I noticed my arrow sticking out his side with minimal penetration. He was slightly quartering away and above me by 15 feet when I shot and the reaction to the hit made me think I spined him. I cocked and loaded while watching him. He was motionless for about 30 seconds after I reloaded, then started to pick up his head and front legs flailing. He slid down the hill some and I saw him try to get up, but the rear legs were not working. He then picked up his head and appeared like he was bedded. Enough of this I thought, and placed a 2nd shot through him. At the hit his head fell down and he never moved again. Reloaded and walked over to make sure. Yup, he's done. Nice little 6" spike, good eating. We in Va get 2 buck tags so the next buck will be a mature deer.

I gutted him and walked back to the truck for my game cart, it's first use also. The cart made the transport back to the truck much easier. Should have bought one years ago.

Now for the broadhead report.

Earlier this year I wrote about the Eastman Silver Strike expandables. They shoot very well, but aren't worth a damn on deer! The head entered the leg area below the shoulder, fully expanded on contact for the 1 1/2" cut, went through the chest cavity, exited to just under the off shoulder area, turned and continued to just under the front of the shoulder area and stopped. This is why I saw my arrow when the deer went down. The arrow broke off about 2" behind the head, leaving the head in the deer. After head retrival, only one blade was intact with the head. One was twisted free of the ferrule, and the third was broke in 3 pieces, only 2 of which were found. The ferrule was bent like a banana, the trocar tip was loose. There was lots of blood but... I definately DO NOT recommend these heads for deer! They are not sturdy enough!

Now for the 2nd shot, I used a fixed blade head. The Eastman TriLoc ST-3 Titanium. The head entered the rib cage between ribs, exited through a rib, and lodged in a tree the full length of the cut on contact blade tip 5-7 yds beyond the deer. I pulled it free easily and only the very tip( about 1/16") of the tip blade was bent. It still felt sharp on 2 of the 3 blades. At home I disassembled the head, resharpened the main blades with my Lansky, removed and straightened the tip blade and sharpened that also. It is shaving sharp.

Thanks to Moonkryket for the initial testing of this head. It flew straight, did it's job, and is reuseable. I recommend this head for deer.

I know the 2 hits were different, but the poor performance of the Silver Strike could have been costly and wasteful. I have have similar hits with Rocket Steelheads and never had this problem, albeit with a vertical bow. I have never had a blade break on a deer with Rockets since switching to them 10 years ago. I was trying to find a less expensive head, with a larger cut to replace the Rockets, but this ain't it! Back to Rockets for expandables! I'll live with the 1 1/8" cut of the Steelhead 100's or the TriLoc ST-3 Titanium.

Well thats my story, my report and my opinion.
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