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Terzo 2009 ZForce Flash Drop Arrow Rest

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Has anyone heard anything on this new rest????

Terzo 2009 ZForce Flash Drop Arrow Rest, LH Black.

Welcome to the revolution. Terzo Products is proud to introduce the industry’s FIRST (and only!) hand’s free drop away arrow rest that COMPLETELY captures your arrow at rest, during draw, and during the initial arrow’s release. Our patent pending design automatically opens and simultaneously drops the launcher arms and then immediately resets the arms in the upright position..... all in the blink of an eye! No more cocking your rest, no more arrows popping off your launcher arms when drawing your bow! This rest does it all.

• Hands free operation
• No more cocking your arrow rest
• Automatically returns to upright position
• No more arrows falling off
• Full arrow containment
• Quiet dampening features
• Heavy duty launcher arm
• Full draw indicators
• Vertical and horizontal tuning adjustments
• All anodized aluminum


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Just curious ,,, whats the $$$$

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Looks at if it would alter the arrow once it drops b/c of that small opening on top.
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