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the pse distibutor brought a sample of each bow today to our local dealer. its a great day when i can ditch work for an hour to go shoot new bows. i shot the decree, the Premonition hd, source hd, supra max, bowmadnes 32, dominator. (i have a full throttle)
My wife shot the premontion hd stiletto and the decree.

Pse has hit a home run with this line up. I like my full throttle and vendetta dc, but would trade for a decree and a source hd any day. My wife, (who is the anti-pse person) loved the decree and the premonition. she had had a jewel and has a hoyt pce-fx and admitted both these bows felt better to her...just not as pretty in her mind, some. she absolutely loved the draw cycle on the decree, the quiet shot, and the grip fit her perfectly. the only problem is now she wants one.

The premontion at 29" 60lbs, felt awesome. i would have no problem taking this bow hunting. it spit the arrows off fast and accurate. excellent bow all around for a reasonable price.

The bow madness felt really nice. i dont have any complaints at all other than it felt "average" but good. ( sorry i lack descriptive words) Again, this would be an awesome bow for any application.

The source hd... This one sticks out the most to me. i have a vendetta dc at 70lbs and love it. this source hd was at 60lbs and it was smoooooooth as butter. i mean better than the Elite's, better that the pie plate size cams on the bow techs, and definately better than the new mathews. if only it has a touch more speed but its still no slouch. considering the price, this is my favorite bow, if you worry about shoulder issues, this is hands down, the bow for you.

The Decree was really nice. it took me a couple shots to settle into the grip and draw cycle. Super smooth draw cycle, enough valley, no jump, wisper quiet, and zero hand shock. the skinny and slightly tilted grip was nice, it makes the bow really forgiving. i had a bit of a wobble right at the end of the draw as i was looking for the wall, but once settled in, it held at full draw super easy. that wobble went away once i shot it 4-5 times. if i can sell my full throttle, the new decree will be on order.

The supra and dominator have always been awesome. no real changes on them, just fun to shoot and crazy how accurate they are. they both hold dead on the target. there was no stabilizers on them and they still held rock solid.

Good job PSE and thank you to our local shop big timber archey for hosting and allowing us to to come play at there indoor range.
Dealer support is the #1 reaon why i have stayed with pse. they have treated us excellent.
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