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TWA Announces Opposition To Paying Hunters For Participation In World Hunting Association
The Texas Wildlife Association Executive Committee adopted a position statement opposing tournament hunting and paying hunters for participation, as proposed by the new World Hunting Association. TWA's Executive Vice President Kirby Brown said, "Almost without exception, the hunting community does not support competitive hunting for money. That just falls over an ethical line, pretty much like internet hunting that we had led the charge to ban in the Texas legislature during the last session." Brown added the future of hunting is not served by tournament style, competitive paid-for-hunting programming. Brown commended the WHA for their passion and belief that they will entice a new audience and convert more folks to hunting, but encouraged WHA producers to reconsider the proposed format. TWA President Charles Davidson added, "Deer hunting is just not a competitive sport, but it is about the experience, respect for nature and the animal, about sharing the traditions with youngsters, family and friends. Hunting cannot just be about the hunter, the tournament, or the prize money." Click the following link for the remainder of the position statement:
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