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What better way to spend a steaming hot Texas day than breaking in my new homemade target. Was a little happy and wanted to show it off. :D

Nevermind it not having spots painted at the top yet, its only 3/4 filled with cloths so I'm keeping my shots from mid to low where its good and packed until I finish filling it up. It's a 5x5 and heavy indeed but not planning to move it now that its setup.

OK here we are at 50yrds (zoomed with camera) fine tuning my rest and pin. Shooting 5ea. Carbon Express 350 3D Select (28" long) with some newly fletched Blazers 2". Using my AM32 at 65# - 29"dl, Spot Hogg Hunter w/wrap, Ripcord rest.

#5 arrow was giving me fits but with some nock tuning I finally was able to bring it in a little closer but still not happy with it.

And a shot from the side shows that its stopping them quite nicely.

I'm taking a breather for now as its quite hot and will move to my 60yrd pin after I drink about a gallon of water. :p
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