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I pick up a bow my father gave me last january and i looked everywhere for all the details to learn how to shoot a bow. I read everything i could and still had a lot of unanswered questions. I bought a book from Joe Bell because i had seen his sub two inch group at fifty yards and the book promised to be full of all the secrets. If youre a new guy and dont know anything this book might be helpful.. I didnt lean anything more than the basic stuff and i think that ill use that book for a target.

One day i was doing a google search and found Alans Nuts and Bolts tuning guide. Thats when i started seeing results. Since then i try to keep it to a min. of two or three trips a day to (so i can say im not really addicted) and read everything i can.

I want to say this website is the most complete i have found and the people here are very helpful. I believe i learn something from everyone. Im injured right now as well as having some medical issues and cant shoot my bow so i think ill take a good long break and study all your ideas.


If you're not hunting with a bow, you're not hunting.
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