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Thanks again for helping me pick a tracking dog

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Finally picked up my Blue Lacy pup last weekend. He's about 6 weeks old. I got the kids a Lab and he's about 12 weeks. He's a big 'ol lard :D. He picks on the Lacy, but the little dog stands his ground.

Anyway, I wanted to send out a "thank you" again to those that contributed to my thread on choosing a tracking dog and a big thanks to [email protected] for getting me in touch with the guy with Lacy pups. :thumbs_up

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Like I said before when my lab goes a lacey will be my next dog. Keep us posted on how he works out and good luck with him.
Will do. He's still a baby, but yesterday, took him down by the creek and he followed his nose to a hog wallow, then took off on a trail with his nose to the ground. He doesn't know what he's following, but he's following it :D.

The Lab shows less interest in working and more interest in playing with the kids, which is fine. When the little dog bugs him too much, he'll pick him up by the nape and drop him in a laundry basket or the bathtub so he can't get out. I've had to instruct the kids to keep the toilet seats firmly in the down position, in case the Lab decide that's another place to drop the little dog.
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