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That figures.

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I go out hunting this morning and someone with with us this time that this was his first time out this year. He sat in the stand that I've been using, but I decided to let him use it since he doesn't get to go as often and its the best stand on the property (plus the feeder at the back half of the property got his a little harder this past week). Only been out there a few times, first time was 5 of us and we didn't seen anything, next was 4 and didn't see anything. I spent a couple hours on Thursday morning at the stand in the back and didn't see anything. He hunted for less then an hour this season and got a small buck. :pukey:Me and the other guy didn't see anything. It was a little far back. Got a lung and the stomach. He couldn't remember what broadheads he had (three blade expandable), and said he hadn't practiced any. He said that once it was sighted in its good to go (shooting an '06 Tomkat). Meanwhile I've been practicing, filling up feeders, waking up at 5in the moring when I usually don't go to bed until 1. Just blows my mind. The good thing is that he's a collage student so I ended up with most of the meat. 1/2 a backstrap, both hams and a shoulder.:tongue:
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Atleast you got the material part of it afterwards. Should still make for some fine!! eating. Good luck to you for the rest of your season.
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