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The archery equivalent of The Scarlet letter

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When you have that one arrow that won't fly good with the same fixed blade broadheads that work on all the other arrows and you don't trust it with fixed blades, so it gets the M of shame and only gets used with mechanicals 馃ぃ馃ぃ
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The Impartial Archer
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Like you I cull some and that's why I shoot EVERY arrow first. I need practice arrows to so I could troubleshoot the arrow and sometimes I do IF I need it to hunt with. Other times it's seems like no matter what you do they won't fly with the others so I put an X on them and use them for practice.

Not a bad idea to use a mechanical head on them but I'd still want to verify that it fly's well.

Bettering the last.....
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Love the thread premise.

I鈥檝e got some that should be hung from the rafters with infamy for how many they鈥檝e killed and a few I鈥檝e rebranded and should never look for post shot regardless of the engagement.

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There's always the possibility that there's damage in the arrow making the spine weaker giving you the wonky arrow flight. If it's flying weak or if you hit it with a hard target previously I'd play it safe.
Wack your forearm with the arrow a few times and take note of any "rattling" noise. Last thing you want is a carbon shaft stove piping out of your forearm.
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