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Which strings do you consider BEST ON A.T.

  • Vapor trail

    Votes: 70 16.1%
  • Crackers

    Votes: 68 15.6%
  • R & A

    Votes: 4 0.9%
  • Bucknasty

    Votes: 119 27.4%
  • FingerFreddie

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • Wolf bow strings

    Votes: 9 2.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 164 37.7%
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Now these are just some of the AT'ers that I see making custom strings, There may be more, but I just wanted to do a poll and see who the majority is using.

So vote for the ones you use or have used, vote for the "best strings on AT"

Sorry if I didnt list your name, but this thread will be a great place to post your name and tell us why you should be "Best"

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well i havent tried them all either, but i have had five setups from Bucknasty and they are all you can ask for at a very good price, and his service is second to none.

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