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I recently have been considering the idea of upgrading my old-school hunting clothes to something a bit newer. I tried finding a forum about this topic on ArcheryTalk but I couldn't locate a forum post newer than 2011. I have been considering getting some of the new Under Armour Infrared Ridge Reaper gear or the Ayton style clothing. I have been back and forth about the idea but I cant seem to pin point gear that will hold up for what I plan to hunt in. So I need some opinions.

I will be hunting in Pennsylvania from October to December with a week spent in Idaho in mid-November. I am not expecting to find gear that will just magically adjust to my current hunting situation so I am looking for gear that is good overall. I want something I can wear it in October with a t-shirt underneath (temps in the 50's-60's) and in November with some long johns, thermal top, and maybe a few other layers (temps around 30). I also am looking for something that is dead quiet and not bulky(most important!!!).

Is this possible? I am almost at the point of saying no. But before I give up I wanted some advice.

Thanks guys! Much appreciated!
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