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In your judgement, experience, opinion and or knowledge what is the best US State to hunt the following animals (note if you mean public lands or private and you can seperate your answer based on public and private). Answers can reflect both bow and/or rifle hunts. Not sure? Then an N/A is ok.

1. Antelope

2. Black Bear

3. Coyote

4. Elk

5. Moose

6. Mountain Lion

7. Mule Deer

8. White Tail Deer

9. Turkey

10. Bobcat

11. Squirrel (any species)

12. Rabbit (any species)

13. Grouse (any species)

14. A fine crafted and post-hunt, micro-brew ale (any style)

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Unless you get a special draw, get on private land, or get way way out there, it ain't California.... Mtn Lion depredation and protection... habit loss, fire supression, poaching, it's all taking it's toll... that being said, I saw more buck print this year then I have ever seen in the past...

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A few suggestions

1. Wyoming, if you can draw a tag, if not South Dakota offers over the counter antelope tags. Both have plenty of public land.

2. Not a clue, seems a lot of people have good success up north, Canada ahhh.

3. Pick a state, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, ETC. Generally a landowner will let you hunt predators without charge, plus each of these states has plentiful public ground.

4. Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. Some areas are tuff to draw but each state has, again, plentiful public land. Unless your willing to pay for an elk hunt public is about all you have.

5. I honestly don't know, so I'll throw out Canada or Alaska. I'm not sure what other states offer non-resident moose tags other than Wyoming but it is nearly impossible to draw here.

6. Wyoming has a good population of big cats and does offer non-resident tags, I don't know what the success rate is though.

7. I would have to say, depending on what size trophy your looking for, South Dakota is a good bet. Over the counter tags and again lots of public land.

8. South Dakota for the reasons mentioned, Wisconsin has unlimited over the counter also, and decent public access. If you can draw there are numerous areas in Iowa with decent access to public land.

9. I don't have a clue!!

10. Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado; take your pick, but much like the big cats I don't know what your success would be like with out hounds.

11. Wisconsin

12. ?????

13. Wyoming, cheap non-resident license, $61, and plentiful public hunting. Not to mention you can hunt blue, sage, and sharptail grouse depending on what part of the state your in.

14. Colorado, I believe has the second largest number of microbreweries, and the largest number of employees employed by breweries. Of course you can good micro-brew almost anywhere. All beer is good!!!!! :darkbeer:

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1. Antelope - Wyoming

2. Black Bear - Almost anywhere in the far Northeast

3. Coyote - South Dakota

4. Elk - Colorado

5. Moose - Maine

6. Mountain Lion - New Mexico

7. Mule Deer - Wyoming

8. White Tail Deer - Kentucky

9. Turkey - Missouri

10. Bobcat - Iowa

11. Squirrel (any species) - Missouri

12. Rabbit (any species) - Missouri

13. Grouse (any species) - South Dakota

14. A fine crafted and post-hunt, micro-brew ale - Missouri Busch Beer / Kentucky Makers Mark Whiskey
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