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Just imagine sitting in your treestand with your "NEW" bow, with 80 to 99% let-off, using a lower poundage and still getting the arrow flight speed that you have always wanted in a bow! It's coming and you won't have to wait long. Increasingly, Bow manufacturers are introducing new 80, 90, 99 % let off bows. These bows will be coming out this fall and spring, of this coming year and World Classics is prepared to accept animals taken with this new technology.
World Classics has been working hard to eliminate the problems that archers are facing today by establishing a "NEW" World Record Scoring System that will allow high-let off bows. The dilemma that archers are facing today is that bow technology is advancing so fast that there is a void left by some of the other systems. In this comment, we are in no way taking away from these other scoring systems because they have their reasons for their scoring criteria and in turn we have ours.

The criteria to get into our scoring system is simple:
1. An animal can be taken by any method, just as long as it is legal for your area. There are separated "Classes" for each method and a "World Record " for each.
2. Any Deer that has been mounted previously can be entered just as long as there is proof of taking it legally.
3. The minimum score for Whitetail deer is 120"
4. There will be "No" deductions for antlers.
5. The "Outside Spread" will be used, instead of the inside.
6. Any Deer that have been previously scored by other systems will also be recognized, just as long as they have been scored by an approved scorer.

Like we said, 2004 is going to be big and we hope that we can get your help to make it bigger. We hope in the near future, that we will become as popular as some of the other prestigious systems that are available to hunters.

Please give us your thoughts and comments; we are waiting to hear from you!

Check us out at:

CEO, World Classics
Dan Stapleton
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