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**The Official AT Crossbow Kill Thread**

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Last month another AT member(think it was byronchilds) suggested we should have a crossbow kill thread. I though it was a great idea so come on guys and gals lets see some kills!! Who cares how old the pics are or how big the animal is, heck post any successes pics your proud of. This is a great way for every one to also see the crossbows people are hunting with. Even if you posted them on another thread put them up again.
If no one els post this time I guess this will end up being a Spike Country kill thread.:icon_1_lol:

Here is my first ever X-bow kill 2010!


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I shot a doe last Tuesday with my Hickory Creek mini. The arrow fell out the deer after she ran 10 yards so complete pass through.
I used my 10 foot electrical conduit rope pusher to push the rope up a tree. It worked. Now I can try for the buck.
My tether was set at 17 feet which seems kind of low but the leaf canopy was around there so I could not see as far if I went higher.
It was very thick with thorns and brush where I was hunting.
Here are the photos. I butchered it all last Wednesday and bagged and froze the meat on Friday. I got 5 plastic shopping bags stuffed full of deboned meat.


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My first (and far) archery buck taken Halloween of 2015 with my dad's Barnett Raptor, Headhunter bold and Rage Mechanical at 25 yards. He's an 8 pt, but I accidentally covered the brow tines in the picture. Got converted to a standard compound last year and I'm itching to get in the stand tomorrow morning!!

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Late to the ball, that me. Also Im a die hard bow huntress that is getting older and dying hard. I sat 1 week with my bow in my pathetic specs, and still couldnt draw it at the end of a cold sit. So the first time I carried my crossbow in kansas, and wizard of Oz walked out, and he dropped within 20 yards. This year as hard as I try, I think I am crossbow now. Im hoping to get my crossbow disability permit for my home state. Most state land requires a permit.

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This is the 2019 season in Ontario, all were taken with my Scorpyd Aculeus 460. A five deer season, I hunt with my dad, sister, and or a family friend. My father insists I shoot any decent size deer I see, for those wondering If I was being a tag hog.
1. First deer of the season, mid-october. 140lb doe, taken at 15 yards. Double lung, dropped within 30 yards.

2. Second deer of the season. A 160lbs 5 point and my first buck. 20 yards quartering away. Liver, double lung, AND heart shot. Dead before he even hit the ground at 15 yards.
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3/4. Third and fourth deer of the season. Third was another 140lb doe at 40 yards (double lung). The fourth was a 230lb 11 point at 30 yards. Watched him cross the creek at 60 yards and waited for him to walk towards me at 30. He was a liver and double lung quartering away. Hectic day and one I will remember for the rest of my life!!

5. The fifth and last deer of the season. I watched him fight a 5-point for 30 minutes (an absolute blessing) across the river until he entered the large clearing at 70 yards. Made sure the smaller buck was clear of him, then took the shot. 70 yards, busted the shoulder and full pass-through. Double lung and liver, I was able to see him drop 30 yards after, dead before he hit the ground. A clean kill.
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Both deer taken with Barnett Recruit compound crossbow
2019 buck - huge body ---------------------------------------- 2020 buck - slightly smaller, but looks thinner because I edited out field-dressing cut & blood
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