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Hey Nick, Hopefully you haven't given up on me completely, I understand your wisdom has built a great product. Enough from me about that. What I wanted to say was last night the urge hit me. I had purchased a dozen Turbonocks when they came out a few years ago and tried them on a trapdoor rest. The rest was not dropping quick enough so I put them aside and picked up the Magnock. I have shot the magnocks for two years and really like them... but curiosity got the best of me.... I became sick of the trapdoor1, the trapdoor LR , the Ultimate Fallaway, and settled on the Mathews Microrest with 1"OD and drop kit. Shooting the magnocks into little bitty spots at 40 yards was very possible, but dang it, that noise, just enough to make me nervous, and the talk of speed loss, well I had to find out. So, I cut the receiver off my Legacy and cut the vanes off the CarbonAero and put on the Turbonock, pulled and held my best squeezee (nice) and whammo 4" high, "no way!!?!???!" once again -squeeeeeze- (nice) "CRACK" *** same spot, broken vane 4" high at 40 yds. No tuning, no centershot just took the magnock off and put the turbo on. Shooting 40 yds, 4 arrow ends, I broke 4 Turbonock vanes from grouping tight. I ordered my second dozen this morning. Magnocks will go on my indoor bow, Turbos for the rest.

Magnocks were flying 273fps, what kind of speed increase does it take to gain 4" at 40 yards?

As far as weight goes, Magnocks with 4" duravanes, 75gr tips=345gr

Jim G.

ps: what about free replacements?
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