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The SideWinder Day Pack
By: Badlands

When I spoke to Isaac from Badlands he advised me he had an innovative new pack to offer me for review, I thought to myself what more could you do to a backpack to call it innovative. Well leave it to Badlands to come out with a very unique day pack that is waterproof and made from an ultra light P.U. coated 500 denier nylon. Yea, that’s right, waterproof. Please note this pack is “waterproof” not “submergible”
The great thing is that not only is it waterproof but it is a fully functional day pack for the bowhunter with 2100 ci of space and weighing in at 2lbs 8oz. Besides able to carry a bow it has 2 pockets and 3 compartments for great organization, vented and a sophisticated suspension which I found very comfortable to wear and it fit to my not so perfect body quite nicely. It also features vented shoulder straps and the zippers and seams are 100% welded and taped using a technique called Radio Frequency Welding and oh yea, did I mention it is waterproof?
So, if you are looking for a pack to keep your gear dry under all weather conditions then visit for more on their full line of packs and of course on the waterproof Sidewinder.
Review written by: Gary Elliott
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