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I have been using the ThermaCELL for nearly 6 months and I have to say this appliance next to the fan is the best thing for keeping mosquito’s and black flies away. I heard about this on the Outdoor Channel and thought it was another gimmick but thought I would give it a try since taking a fan everywhere is really quite impractical. I went and purchased one at a local sporting good store. That evening I installed the pad which is saturated with Allethrin, a copy of a naturally occurring insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers. Inserted and tightened down the butane container and turned it on and hit the striker. On the top you watch for the coupler to start to glow and this signals it is lit. I didn’t notice anything right away and after 10 or 15 minutes I noticed a decrease in mosquitoes and soon none. I was out in the late evening when they are generally at their worst. I also have used in my back yard to shoot my bow and have been able to get out when mosquitoes are at their worst and enjoy shooting without being hammered.
Basically, it works by placing the mat which as mentioned above is saturated with Allethrin and placed on the grill of the appliance. The butane cartridge provides the heat necessary to vaporize the repellent allowing it to get into the air. It covers a 15 x 15 area which is perfect for that hunting blind or in the stand. They also make a repellent that gives off an earth scent to mask your scent for hunting. I have found that once you light it allow it 10 to 15 minutes to clear the area. This allows ThermaCELL to heat up and begin dispersing the repellent that mosquitoes find very unpleasant. ThermaCELL is also great for black flies.
All in all this is the ticket for keeping pain in the butt mosquitoes away while you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is hunting, camping or fishing. If you are interested in more on this great little appliance check out
Article written by: Gary Elliott​
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