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Thinking about getting a new rig for turkey

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I'm thinking about getting after the turkeys this spring, and am already looking for a new bow to replace my PSE Dakota. I don't have much money to spend ($300 max.) and was wondering what entry- and mid-level bows are available in this range.
I'm looking for something that would work for turkey and deer, so I guess it would need to shoot pretty flat but be in light enough for the long full-draw waiting time on turkeys.
What company and model should I be focusing on?
I can't afford the high-end stuff :( , but want good performance. Thanks for any advice
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Use lower poundage for the turkeys. Use lighter arrows to keep the speed up. Penetration shouldn't be an issue on turkeys. Crank up the poundage for deer while using a heavier arrow. I don't know what your max shooting poundage is but I'd get a bow that you'll set close to it's max for deer. Then take a couple turns off it for turkeys.

The 2 cam bows will give you more speed which you may want when the poundage is turned down for turkeys.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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