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Thinking about getting a new rig for turkey

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I'm thinking about getting after the turkeys this spring, and am already looking for a new bow to replace my PSE Dakota. I don't have much money to spend ($300 max.) and was wondering what entry- and mid-level bows are available in this range.
I'm looking for something that would work for turkey and deer, so I guess it would need to shoot pretty flat but be in light enough for the long full-draw waiting time on turkeys.
What company and model should I be focusing on?
I can't afford the high-end stuff :( , but want good performance. Thanks for any advice
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For $300 bucks you should be able to do good in the classifieds. You will be surprised what you can get if you be patient and not be afraid to make an offer for somethin. Put another hundred with that and I know for a fact you could get something real nice. I see sweet bows all the time in the classifieds that you could pick up for 4 bills.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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