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Thinking ahead on my european mount...

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This is my plan, tell me if I'm off base. I will build a box, put the head in it, then bury it, kinda like a grave. leave it for about a year then check on it. will coyotes dig it up?

I'm not in the mood to boil and pick etc...
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You can do it yourself with little time invested. Skin out the head as best that you can. Use a deep turkey pot and a box of kosher salt. Boil the head for approx. 5 hours, be careful not to boil it to long or the teeth and nasal bones will fall out. Remove the head and flush it out with a water hose. Use a coat hanger to scramble the brane, nasal cartlidge and remove. Flush again with a hose and you done. Bone Horn Antler Natural material Skull
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