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I have several Third Hand products: Can't Fire Release, Hip Clip, and the Accessory Belt.

GREAT products that are truly like having a third hand. The Can't Fire release is designed for an archer to train using your bow and drawing it back and letting it down. It works so good because you are working your muscles eccentrically - meaning you are working them as they elongate which is a type of movement in archery that is performed very seldom. Eccentric movements require greater muscle recruitment and will give you increased gains in a shorter amount of time then working muscles in a concentric fashion alone. I have been using the Can't Fire on my old bow so I can play around with higher draw weight to make drawing my primary bow easier. I have noticed drawing has been more effortless and really noticed improved control of letting down from full draw. With my 90% let off cams it used to jerk my shoulder but now it is very easy to control. Best thing about this product is that you can NOT fire the bow with it, at full draw I have purposely tried to slip the release off of the d loop but physically could not move my wrist far enough to take it off. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking to increase draw weight, ability to hold at full draw, let down, or if you can't get outside to shoot often.

The hip clip is great. It is simply a clip on a belt that you can set your bowstring in to hold it by your side I use it in the backyard all the time. It's a lot easier than fiddling around with a bow stand, simply just slide it in the clip and go pull arrows or free your hands up for any reason. It can also be used as a bow sling, the great thing about it that separates it from other bow slings is that it only requires one hand to free it, not two hands.

The Accessory Hooks are awesome, it comes with 4 hooks that each hold 25lbs. For most hunters I would imagine you would be able to hang all your gear in the tree with you. This product is great for public land hunters because you don't have to screw any hooks into trees (which is illegal on public land) you just wrap it around the tree. Easy to get off and on a tree.

Buy any products with complete confidence you are getting top notch quality!
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