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Thoughts on Elite Remedy for 3D shooting

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I have been watching diff videos and love the tunability of the bow. I know they listed the Remedy as a hunting bow - but it looks like it could be a good 3D bow as well. It has a nice ATA at 34" and etc. Has anyone gotten their hands on this bow and what are your thoughts?
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The Remedy from Elite, the Traverse from Mathews, and the RX4 Ultra/Axius from Hoyt would definitely strike my fancy for a 3D bow. I like 35" +/- ATA bows. The Hoyt ProForce was awesome at 35 1/2" and so was the Elite Energy 35. I shoot a 37" ATA Hoyt Invicta as my catch all Indoor/3D bow.

The Remedy should make a fine shooter. Ive shot the Elite Rezult 38 and it is a phenomenal shooter. The Remedy (from my perspective) should be a better fit for me than the Rezult for 3D as I'm short and only a 28-28.5 DL. Those elevated shots would feel better at that ATA than a full size target rig.

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