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We hear a lot of complaints about our throwaway society. I have done it twice this year. Both times it was pure economics. I had a light in the garage that kept flickering (florescent). I replaced the bulbs on Monday; tonight the new bulbs were flickering. Went to Lowe’s for a new ballast for the light. The cost of the ballast, $22.58. The cost for the same size and wattage light fixture was $19.37. Yep, I bought the entire light instead of just the ballast. I do not remember the prices from earlier this year when I went to repair the screen door on the garage. I do know that I compared the price for the replacement screen and trim wood to a new door. You guessed it; the entire door was less expensive. It just doesn’t make any sense when you can purchase a complete item, for less than one repair part for that item.:confused:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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