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Maybe this'll help you guys that are agonizing over which release to buy.

I spent the last several shooting sessions comparing the Carter Chocolate Addiction, Chocolate Lite and Just Cuz alongside the Stan SX2 and Shootoff. All releases except the Just Cuz were 4-finger models, while the the Just Cuz was a 3-finger. The Stans were both medium size.

My attributes for reference - I wear a small road cycling glove that fits tight (which makes my hands medium). I'm 6'0" tall and 185 pounds.

The Chocolate Addiction finger spread, especially between the pointer and middle fingers, was too large. And the trigger extension put the barrel lower than I'd like.

The Chocolate Lite fit much better, but the thickness of the release brought discomfort on my ring and middle fingers. The barrel was more properly positioned than on the Addiction. If I had to choose between these two based on fit, I'd pick the Lite.

The Just Cuz was quite comfortable with regard to finger spacing (the middle and pointer fingers are significantly closer than on the Chocolates), but like the Chocolates, the thickness of the release was uncomfortable after several shots.

A possible problem I noticed on both Chocolates was the limited travel of the hasp. The hasps on the Just Cuz and on both Stans opened significantly wider. I think this could actually cause a poor release on the Chocolates with hand positions that bias the string toward the curve in the hasp. This is likely a design requirement of the self-closing hasps on the Chocolates versus the manually-closed hasps of the Just Cuz and the Stans.

Now to the Stan Shootoff. The release was significantly thinner than all the Carters, and thus caused no finger pain. The hasp opens very wide, allowing for a wide variance of hand position without hanging up the string. However, the position of the ring finger and pinkie were too far back for my taste. I felt like those fingers could be more engaged in the shot.

So then, the SX2 had all the benefits of the Shootoff, and added a straighter, more engaged feel for the ring finger (which is important to me).

While both companies produce clearly high-quality work - I believe the nod in overall craftsmanship goes to the Stans. One quirk that I think Stan needs to fix in this regard (and that Carter has done) is to add a screw near the pinkie/ring finger. The case separates a bit down there - nothing that seems to affect functionality, but it should be tight in my estimation.

The adjustability of the trigger position, the sear and the weight of pull on the Stans is easier - although once you get things set you probably won't mess around with much on any release.

So it's the SX2 for me.

I hope you all find this information helpful!
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