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Timing Mathews Halon 6

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I'm new the this forum and new to bow maintaince/tuning. Question on timing.

Just put new strings on my Halon 6. Peep and Nock in place. Everything looks level with rest. When I first put the string on...the cables were even in regards to the tiny circles on the cams. However, when I pull the bow on the draw board I notice that top cam hits the cable ever so slightly before the bottom cam. The bottom cam gap is 1mm at most. The best way to describe it is the top cam make firm contact with the cable while the bottom cam contact is not quite as firm.

My questions:
Does such a minuscle mismatch in timing affect arrow flight?
How would I correct this? If I twist the cable then the bottom cam overcorrects and is hitting too soon.


Robbie C
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I had same issue with my Traverse and spoke about it with the owner of the shop where I bought the bow. Half a twist to advance the bottom cam was too much and half a twist to retarred the top cam was too much so we left it with the top hitting just before the bottom. The bow shoots great like this.

I used "retarred" because AT Forum won't let me use the correctly spelled word ....:confused:
I guess some PC folks think words can only have one meaning; and my meaning was around long before the derogatory meaning.
Rolling the yoke strings seemed to the do the trick. Right on the money now!

Good to know it worked for you...I'm heading down the basement now to fine tune my Traverse!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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