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To be or not to be

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Funny stuff this year - I can't remember the last time I didn't get a shot on opener and have never not had a shot in the month of Septmeber - Funny stuff. I've hunted when I would have been dryer standing in the shower - I've been busted twice (hasn't happened in years - once peeing and once trying to put my stuff away in the rain I called a shower) I have had deer walk by at 50-60 yards - had one run to my tree - freak out and run away (silly doe) all in all lots of fun - 5 days over two weeks, some days sitting 6 hours or more. Goofy things, dropped my bow from the tree stand - never happened in over 20 years - I think I've droped 2 arrows from the tree so far this year - for the first time ever have not seen a squirrel running around asking to be shot. What a weird year so far - can't wait to see what October brings.
Bowyer called today and said my bow is ready (in two days) I guess I'll use that next year. Funny thing how others are seeing bucks and passing on them and I have seen nothing. Oh and did anyone see the stock market today - Come on October - I'm going to get me some (more headaches, I guess)
Anyone else having fun?
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Haven't been out yet. The weathers still too warm for my liking. We're supposed to have a nice cool down here soon, so I might go out then. I may actually do more squirrel hunting with my son this year than bow hunting deer though
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