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Took the wife out to the local pro shop to shoot a few bows this evening. She and I have the same draw length, so I shot them also. All bows were set up exactly the same. We pretty much came to the same conclusions. Here is the ranking...

(I don't know the exact arrow weight)

1) Mission Menace - 30 lbs @ 26", shot 163fps. Slowest bow. Most versatility in draw length and weight. Super smooth draw with an easy rollover when you hit letoff. Very little vibration. Very quiet. Grip wasn't the best.

2) Mathews Ignition - 30 lbs @26", shot 173fps. Tied for speed with the Diamond Razor Edge. More agressive cam. Rollover into valley wasn't bad. Some vibration on shot. Wife really liked the grip.

3) Diamond Razor Edge - 30 lbs @ 26", shot 173fps. Harder rollover on cam. Little vibration on shot. The wife liked the looks of this one the best.

We will be buying the Mission tomorrow. We just couldn't get away from the smooth draw and how quiet it is. My wife wanted the ladies to know that the Menace would be the best for a beginner because of how smooth it is and lack of shock when you shoot.

Thanks for everyone's inputs.
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