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TOXOFIL Launch Custom Program

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TOXOFIL, a manufacturer of technical clothing for target and 3D archers, just announced the creation of its Custom Program for archery clubs, teams and pro shops.

Within this new program, TOXOFIL can personalize its ToxoFIT and ToxoV-FIT Coolmax archery shirts with your club or team logos. Using high-quality silk screen printing, TOXOFIL can easily add your artwork on any part of your new apparel. Orders of over 20 shirts are accepted.

TOXOFIL can also create fully customized shirts and track jackets, with any graphic and color design. With sublimation, the highest printing quality available today, your archery team garment will not lose any breathing/stretch property nor its softness. We can make your sketch become reality or create a whole new design from scratch.
We accept orders of over 50 shirts and jackets.

Visit TOXOFIL's website at for all the information.

Email us at [email protected] for a price quote. Please be as specific as possible in your inquiry: number of shirts, style, design and color, logos, price target, etc.

TOXOFIL is a partner of the FITA and the official supplier of the new Canadian Archery Team uniform.

Francis Letourneau
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TOXOFIL is now on Facebook.
Become a fan and stay informed!
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