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Tracer S-knocks, LONG distance?

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This isn't to discuss whether they work or not,,, I've read enough of those threads ;)

Luckily the 2pk and the 4pk I just bought ALL worked.

If I'm going to use them, which I now plan, I want to tune my bow using them only. I shot mine the other night at 20/30 and had to adjust my pins a little but really seemed to fly try, using both the practice knocks and the actual knocks.

I shot a couple rounds at 40 yards and saw a pretty big drop, which is expected I guess but I had a couple fliers during my shooting. now, I was getting little tired, wind was picking up, etc, etc, but it seemed very odd, so...

How many of you have tested the accuracty at 40,50, 60, 70 yards? what are you thoughts?

These devices work w/ magnets so the engineer side of my brain is saying that the function of turning the knock on/off by use of the Electro magnetic field is going to to push/pull the knock which might give it unwanted movement. Now this obvioulsy isnt noticable at 20/30 yards as thousands of archers have used them but probably at the most common hunting yardage of 20/30 yards so I wonder the affect at longer distance. I had no problem keeping a 3-4" group at 70 yards last year and am just wondering if I have to give that up to shoot these?

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I was thinking the EXACT same thing about pushing/pulling at longer distances, my girlfriend has them and she will be trying them out also:shade:

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The weather has started to break in Ohio so I've finally gotten out to test the tracers. In the picture are two practive tracers and 1 active tracer,,you can see it glowing. The first 3 shot group was about the same but 1.5-2" low of the bullseye ,,, man is it a pain to tune in the long distance pins, so hopefully by this weekend I make the minor adjustment i'll have them tunned in. So far I'm pretty impressed w/the tracers, cant wait to try them out on game.


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