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Aloha stick shooters.

I've been shooting bent sticks for over 45 years. I'm self taught mainly because not that many people bow hunted back then. It was in it's infancy.
For 25 plus years I have built bows and just enjoyed the sport. Being from the sleeper state of Indiana originally, most hunting was with shotgun and rifled slugs.
Archery took off in the mid 70s and had been accelerating ever since.

I use to read a lot of article where the archer sailed an arrow harmlessly over the buck/bull/doe/cow what ever at 15 yards.
This got me to thinking..... Why? Excitement? buck fever? lack of shooting ability? Whatever it really doesn't matter, In the mid 90s I had a archery pro shop here in Hawaii. One of the things I offered was classes.

Then Traditional archery started to catch on, so I slowly got into building bows and then I decided I needed to really get into this myself if I wanted to "get good at this" So I started to develop a shooting class. slowly I worked out the bugs and also
used the KISS principal. Keep It So Simple. So I developed my lesson plan called 3-10-5-20 a way to be able to shoot from 3 to 20 yards with out thinking and be in the kill zone of all of North Americas Big Game animals.

I decided to put it into a tutorial and submitted it to Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, they said they had printed enough shooting tutorials but wanted to publish it online, So they did
It was a huge success, so much so that a German archery magazine requested permission to reprint it. Anything to help a fellow archer is worth it to me.

Here is the link to the article, give it a try and I think you'll be surprised how much it will help, read it a couple times, then try it. As the article states, there is no time limit, it all depends on you.

Aloha Nui Loa and enjoy

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That is one of the simplest , easy to understand explanations of instinctive shooting I have ever read. And I can tell you it works. I have used something similar, by just starting at 5 yards, and moving back 2 steps at a time , until I run out of arrows. It is more of a warm up exercise . I will check out the 3 yard is the same as 10, as sone as I can. Great post! Thanks for putting it up.
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