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TradTech Pinnacle limb bolts

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Hello all,

It's my first post so I'd like to say thanks to everyone who writes regularly with advice on all aspects of archery and especially for beginners. I have only recently started archery, about 6 months or so, and from the opinions on this forum I chose to buy a TradTech Pinnacle.
It is an beautiful looking riser and I haven't found any flaws or sloppy worksmanship.
I have read the instructions, which I didn't find very clear and tinkered a little with different bolt heights, but my question is how do I know how much to screw in or loosen the limb bolts without damaging the bolt threads? The upper limb bolt does not screw all the way down, but the lower limb bolt does. So I have tightened the bolts snugly and loosened three turns and set the brass bushings snugly at the base of both bolts. The top limb is raised slightly higher than the lower limb, should both limbs be more or less at the same height?
I ordered the bow to be pre-set from Lancaster but when I shot it a few times there was a lot of vibration in the riser.
If someone has experience with a simple way to set up the limb bolts correctly, I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Thank you.