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Trail cam parts

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I just ordered enough stuff to build my own trailcam.
I found an olympus D390 on ebay and won the auction. I then ordered a universal pixcontroller kit with the compatible components and a camo 1020 pelican case. I cant wait to build it! From what I have read on here and other forums I will be building a quality trailcam and I am doing it for around 150.00 batteries sd cards and everything.
I like building stuff!
I am already looking for another camera to build another one with.
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My first homebrew was a D-390 also. It has become my least favorite camera and I will never build another using that model. The flash is extremely weak and the response time is 5 - 6 seconds allowing game to move completely through the frame before the camera even triggers. If you have the soldering skills to hack a D-390, you have the skills to modify a Sony P32 or P41 and will end up with a much better gamecam for just a little more cost.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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