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Trail cam parts

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I just ordered enough stuff to build my own trailcam.
I found an olympus D390 on ebay and won the auction. I then ordered a universal pixcontroller kit with the compatible components and a camo 1020 pelican case. I cant wait to build it! From what I have read on here and other forums I will be building a quality trailcam and I am doing it for around 150.00 batteries sd cards and everything.
I like building stuff!
I am already looking for another camera to build another one with.
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Sounds great. I recomend a sony p32 or p41 for your next cam. The hack is alittle tougher but the shutter times are 1 to 1.5 sec. I think the 390 is around 3 sec. Not to bad for the money. Good luck.
Fish, your right the flash on the Sonys is awsome. The S600 is the best flash but you cant beat the shutter time of the 41. I just built a 32 for a guy and used the Flash enhancer from Whitetail Supply, makes a great addition. Ozark, you should be able to fit that rig in the 1040, and dont forget that the A402 takes the opto board from pix with the LE I belive. I think Snapshot Snipers board will run it with no addons but you have to let them know you are using a 402, and I think they are out of stock for another week or 2. Good luck and lets see some pics of and from the cam.
I will be honest guys, Hagshouse and jessesoutdoors gave me alot of info. But out and out the best tech support and cam builders out there are on realdealhuntingchat. There is nothing they cant fix. And Bill Powers, owner of Pixcontroller and Gary Kahout, owner of snapshotsniper are on ther all the time. That is how you get board questions answered. Good luck with all your builds and let me know if I can help.

MO Hunt
Tclow, Universal boards have three ways to hook to them. The have solder points, 2.5mm connector, and a phone jack. all work the same and different. Depends on the setup you are using.
Nice pics Ozark. That first one is wierd. **** or tree rat? Looks like the home brew is working well. Congrats! Feels great to know you built it doesn't it.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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