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Trail cam parts

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I just ordered enough stuff to build my own trailcam.
I found an olympus D390 on ebay and won the auction. I then ordered a universal pixcontroller kit with the compatible components and a camo 1020 pelican case. I cant wait to build it! From what I have read on here and other forums I will be building a quality trailcam and I am doing it for around 150.00 batteries sd cards and everything.
I like building stuff!
I am already looking for another camera to build another one with.
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I cant wait. I should have the camera tomorrow but I heard pixcontroller is a little slow on shipping. I also have been hearing that the 390 will not fit in a 1020 case with the pixcontroller universal board. That is ok cause I found a samsung a402 and ordered a couple of 1040 cases and a le board kit. I will just swap the 1020 and 1040 and I should be ok from what I have read. The hack shouldnt be too hard with the instructions on pixcontrollers website .
Man I am already looking for a P41 or P32. The video camera conversions look interesting also.
Here is the d390 after I modified it. It is ready to go
in the universal board when I get it.
This is probably one of the most addicting hobbies a man could get into.:)
Yeah, what MOhunt said.
I got a couple 1040 cases in today. All I am waiting on is my universal kit.

I finally got to put the homebrew out and got some pics.
definately a ****. I thought bear at first cause we have a bunch around. I could see it better once I downloaded it on my computer. His mask is pretty evident. Little bugger.
You are right, since the 390 I have modified a sony p52, a sony p41 infrared, and a sammy a402. The sony's are faster with better flashes. My favorite is the p41. I am trying to get my hands on a p32.
1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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