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Trail Cam - Pic!

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Really need to work on this stuff!!! :confused: LoL!

Only real picture that I got from My Molutrie, but it was due to set-up/operater error!!! :brick:

The neat thing about it, was the timing of the shot....It probably wasn't more than 20 min after we set it up and he appears to be looking at the area of the camera!!!

This is a Columbian WhiteTail!


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looks like your camera might have been mounted a bit high...
:D Don't worry, I've done it too. I put my camera up once to try to catch a bachelor group of tom turkeys that I had been seeing. I picked the spot where I wanted to hang the camera, and started trying to put it on the tree with some bungee cords. I didn't even notice when I picked the camera up that something was wrong. Only when I started looking at the "pictures" did I realize what was wrong with my setup. I was trying so hard to get the camera at the right height and facing the right way that I didn't even notice the thing was facing down at about a 30 degree angle. The turkeys would have had to peck on the camera for me to get a picture... One picture of the dirt was all I got out of that little experiment.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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