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For those of you who trap, besides bowhunt, I've got some great trapping DVD's.

All DVD's are $25 apiece TYD... Money Order or Paypal Gift...

1. Coyote Trapping with Mark June
2. "Rain Dogs" Advanced Eastern Coyote Trapping with Matt Jones
3. "Combines and Coyotes" Wolfin the Cornbelt with Randy Smith
4. Eastern Bobcat Trapping with Johnny Thorpe
5. Canine Trapping in Dirt and Snow with Mark Steck
6. Bobcat Trapping with James Lord
7. Coyote Trapping East of the Big River with Matt Jones
8. "Animalistics" Trapping Winter Coyotes with Darin Freeborough
9. "Boars Gone Wild" Racking Up **** in Ice and Snow with Randy Smith

If you price these DVD's at Minnesota Trapline Supply or F&T you will see that they are $35-$40 apiece.... Trappin DVD's dont come cheap!!!!!!
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