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Tree Saddle

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Any of you guys/gals use these? Do you like them? I saw that Cabelas doesn't sell them in their online store, but can you get them at the brick-and-mortar stores?
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I use the Ambush (mesh seat) model and it is "da BOMB!". I won't ever go back to a regular stand. It's that good (at least, for me)! I think that Cabela's used to sell them but I haven't seen them online or in a store. I ordered mine a few years ago from an online retailer. I think that they are a little hard to find now (retailers and mfg. are out of stock). You might be hard-pressed to find one.


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I got one this past season and like it a lot. I hope to get a lot moreproficient with it this year though. I really like the idea of having multiple spots ready to go without having multiple tree stands.
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