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I recently discovered that I had a few missing parts for one of my two man ladder stands, so I contacted the manufacture and found out that the parts I need are so unreasonably priced that it is better to buy a new stand. The manufacture is Big Game, and the parts were...

The support bar that goes from the ladder to the tree, (2 piece assembly)$14.99 each plus $15.67 in shipping each for a total of $61.32

2 ratchet straps that are looking poorly. $14.99 each plus shipping of $5.75 each total $41.48

2 Stabilizer Straps $7.99 plus $5.75 in shipping each

1 D clip which requires the entire hardware kit...$11.99 plus $14.16 in shipping.

Even without the shipping, the cost is 87.83 and I only paid 129.99 for the stand! The shipping costs take it way over the cost of the entire stand.

I thought I might be being unreasonable, so I contacted Ameristep and asked to the exact replacement parts for my Ameristep 2 man ladder stand that I own and guess what...

Stabilizer bar...12.99 for the whole thing
Ratchet straps...3.00 each
stabilizer straps...1.50 each
D Clip...1.00 for 2

I will be replacing the stand with an Ameristep and using the existing one for parts (I own 2)

Another benefit is that I can drive to Ameristep in 30-40 minutes.

Ok, I am done ranting now.

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